Have you ever imagined what might have happened if Altec Lansing had endured? What did the audiophile world never have the opportunity to hear? We may never know for sure but the all new Compostela is one possibility.

“Compostela”, literally “a field of stars” is the result of over two years of design and engineering. Everything from its stacked box design to the drivers chosen reaches back to the golden age of Altec Lansing.

The Compostela loudspeaker system is very different from all other Altec Lansing designs. It will give you the big sound-stage of a VOTT but with far more refinement and audio detail. This is made possible by the D’Appolito hybrid design, super tweeter, and acoustic alignment of the drivers in the crossover.

Read the North Georgia Audio Society’s review of the Compostela on Audiophile Nirvana.

First Compostela

Listening Tests:

In order to provide you with some idea of the sound characteristics of the Compostela system we chose a group of audiophiles and sound engineers who are very familiar with the Altec Model 19, VOTT A7, and Stonehenge V (604 based system).  Here’s what they had to say:

  • “It reveals details in the recording that I didn’t know existed.”
  • “The imaging and detailed reproduction of nuances is truly amazing.”
  • “It’s what people expect from an A7 but don’t get.”
  • “There’s no detectable beaming from the 811 horn. Everything is so balanced and smooth.”
  • “This is the best Altec based system for classical music I’ve ever heard.”



The Compostela loudspeaker system is a D’Appolito hybrid design also known as an MTM. You can learn more about MTM designs here.



  • 2 x Altec Lansing or Great Plains Audio 414-16 (B or C) low frequency transducers
  • 1 x 902-8A/8B or 802-8G mid frequency compression driver
  • 1 Beyma CP21/F high frequency slot tweeter (JBL 077 or 2405 may also be used)
  • dbx DriveRack PA2 crossover


Amplification Requirements:

We recommend using two 25 WPC RMS amplifiers with attenuators and one 50 WPC RMS amplifier. It is possible to use amplifiers of less than 25 watts  depending on your listening preferences.



The Compostela doesn’t require a subwoofer, but if you enjoy deep low bass, one is recommended.



Frequency Response: 45Hz- 18kHz

Output at 25 watts: 106 dB

Crossover: 1.5kHz, 7kHz